Pitch and proof

The leading brand within the Douglas & Grahame portfolio, Remus Uomo approached ASG & Partners with the challenge of increasing awareness of the brand amongst new male audiences in Ireland, improving ecommerce results by driving new Irish customers online and creating confidence among the prospective trade outlets while maintaining existing stockist relationships in Ireland.


Taking into account the general challenges facing the menswear market our team considered all options for a defined promotional campaign. We adopted a TV Sponsorship approach in part due to it’s ability to reach a younger, male audience, and in part based on its ability to showcase the brand in a compelling narrative. We selected the 2018 FIFA World Cup sponsorship via RTE Sport. This presented direct access to the target audience, hand-in-hand with a high profile event that increased the campaign’s potential for viewer resonance. Multi platform content and dissemination provided a long-tail opportunity to showcase the brand, increase audience awareness, and establish their legiti-macy alongside strong non-competing brands.


The Remus Uomo philosophy allows individuals to play with their own style, a focus we adopted for the overarching campaign message. Our creative team identified aspects of World Cup personalities to generate beautiful sponsorship stings which showcase each person’s own ‘style’. Most commonly football advertising is dominated by alcohol and gambling brands and being the first company to alter these category norms firmly entrenched Remus Uomo as a strong, dynamic brand, fully establishing themselves with their target audience.


The Remus brand was exposed to approximately 23.9 million members of the 15 years + male au-dience during the sponsorship. Remus experienced an overall 442.86% increase in web traffic from Ireland during the course of the tournament. Organic Search increased by 84% and direct traffic increased by 1670% in Ireland. Referral traffic drove 2800 additional clicks through to the website. The Dublin flagship store experienced a 101% increase in revenue during the period overlapping with the tournament.