Pitch and proof

Our ASG team were briefed with creating a blood cancer awareness campaign for local research charity, Leukaemia & Lymphoma NI. L&L NI are the only local charity focused exclusively on blood cancer and all funding raised in NI stays here, and is used to fund research involving local patients. With these factors in mind, the potential impact to be made with this campaign, produced in 2017, was incredibly important.


Our objectives were to highlight the vital developments which have been made in blood cancer re-search thanks to L&L NI’s work, to create a strong sense of local ownership to drive support, to increase charity donations year on year, to improve the charity’s social media profile and to in-crease awareness of blood cancer relevant to the whole population, not just to older people. Our team worked closely with Queen’s University Belfast to determine the statistic which became the foundation of our campaign: the fact that three out of four people diagnosed with blood cancer in NI now survive. One does not. This underpinned our #EmptyChairs campaign which was a predomi-nantly digital campaign led by compelling photography, video and story-telling.


Desk research revealed the need to reinvigorate the profile of L&L NI to attract a younger audience and demonstrate a strong local connection to reinforce that all money raised here stays here. Fa-cebook was selected as the main channel to engage the younger 30-40 demographic, supported with offline traditional media and using Twitter to support traffic. The campaign was to be visually represented by bringing life to the personal stories of these three out of four survivors running alongside a very personal ‘Empty Chair’ profile representing the one in four lives lost.


The #EmptyChairs campaign achieved 24 pieces of print and online coverage reaching over 12.5 million people. It told 12 blood cancer experience stories and had the ultimate impact of increasing charity donations by 79% year on year. It published 26 social media posts, reaching over 750,000 people and facilitating a growth of 48% in social media channels year on year.