Pitch and proof

Our brief was to develop a campaign to engage with and to educate the identified target market on how to use the IntegrateMySchool website. Working with Liam Neeson, we filmed, produced, and edited a short film to give context and clarity to the project, and undertook broad dissemination and full media briefing in order to spread the message appropriately over all outlets.


Working with the Integrated Education Fund to support and develop integrated education in Northern Ireland, our brief was to create a compelling and actionable campaign in order to educate and motivate the target audience. Our team commenced efforts via comprehensive desk research and a series of political briefings with party leaders in order that the message of integrated education would be core to their agenda.


With research and stakeholder information at hand, our team at ASG designed a short Liam Neeson video message forming the centerpiece of the public campaign. This was complemented by an animated video used as a simple ‘how to’ for the IntegrateMySchool website. The campaign was rolled out via live interviews, broadcast media, print media, and social platforms with the goal to seed and share this critical content as widely as possible.


Working hand-in-hand with all major print and broadcast media, we delivered 8 pieces of print coverage, 12 broadcast media pieces, 21 online items, and an opportunity to see of 2,700,929 in the week following the launch alone. The de facto success of the campaign is evidenced through the 200 NI schools in which registrations of interest in integration have now been made.