Pitch and proof

Working hand-in-hand with Firmus to design, develop, and deliver an innovative and directional marketing strategy in order to grow brand recognition, improve value lead generation and better educate customers on the benefits of natural gas. Our comprehensive and aspirational campaign successfully delivered the highest sales month on Firmus’ record, beating customer targets, and improving lead conversion rates.


Our team has worked closely with Firmus in order to shift their marketing efforts from incentive-based messaging to a more aspirational campaign with the desired objective of increasing value-rich lead generation and improving brand awareness. Our brief also included promoting the benefits of natural gas and overcoming the cost perception associated with a conversion to natural gas.


Investing initial efforts in detailed desk research, earlier campaign review and full-scale stakeholder engagement, we developed a framework of communication and analysis to underpin our work. The ASG Studio Team began the creation of an aspirational campaign which focused on the real benefits of switching to natural gas and which was rolled out horizontally over all media platforms.


Our campaign has so far yielded exceptional results. Firmus experienced the best sales month on record and has been delighted to surpass their initial customer targets for the year. Our analysis shows lead conversions have improved by 70% at stages of the customer funnel and further growth is expected as we move forward.