We think you should meet: Louise McComiskey

Any team is the sum of its parts and we’re proud of each member of our ASG & Partners team for many reasons. From creativity to tenacity, compassion to drive, each one of our crew brings something unique and important to the work that we do. To show you just what we mean, we’ve decided to shine a light on some members of our team.

Today it’s the turn of our brilliant Junior Designer Louise McComiskey. Louise is all kinds of creative, and we suspect, adept at time control since she manages to maintain several side hustles all while delivering for our team and clients every day.

Hello Louise!

Let’s start with how you found your way to ASG?

Before my time at ASG, I was doing my University degree and undertook a placement year within a finance company where I was the only designer. I quickly learned they needed a full company rebrand.  I found myself thrown in at the deep end, working on all aspects of the rebrand right away. It was a real confidence builder for me. I learnt a huge amount very quickly. The company were so pleased with what I had done that I continued on with them while I finished my last year at Uni. It was intense doing both. I did realise how much I enjoyed the design work and also that I’d really love to experience working in a bigger creative office with a team around me. That’s initially what drew me to apply to ASG & Partners. The reputation of creativity and the opportunity to work with an inspiring team.

What are the aspects of design work that you’re most interested in?

When it comes to client work, my design passion is branding. I just love the process of creating a whole identity for a client. From the research to the brand strategy. Understanding who they are and what they want to be. I get completely immersed in building something that can transform a company. Branding is so much more than a logo, it’s the emotional connection to a business, the attitude employees work with, the feeling consumers have when they interact with a brand. I’m fascinated by how far reaching it is. The sense of pride I get when we create something that really resonates is something I strive for.

Highs and lows of the position so far? You can be honest; we’ve all had them!

Starting with the highs, one campaign that really resonates with me is the work we did for Good Relations Week. I loved every minute of it! From the initial meetings, through to pitching our ideas to the client. Building on feedback and working with our PR team to really pull together all the visuals. The mission of Good Relations Week is so important. I found it an extremely rewarding campaign to be involved in.

One challenging moment I remember was my first experience of a client photoshoot. Outside of my usual design remit, I felt a little overwhelmed by what would be involved and expected of me. Luckily I quickly realised it was going to be hugely beneficial. Working alongside the photographer and client, being guided by my senior designer and having the chance to see our campaign from a different perspective was really eye-opening for me. Now I find I’m even more enthusiastic to embrace new experiences knowing that there is so much to gain from them.

And outside of ASG & Partners, anything you love spending time on?

I’d describe myself as an ‘arty nerd’. That’s inside and outside of work! I absolutely love design, art, anything creative really.  When I’m not at work, I try to spend as much time working on typography and on collages which are my two creative outlets at the moment. I have a couple of Instagram accounts where I showcase what I do.  Actually I’ve been really thrilled recently to have my collage work featured in several print magazines. It feels lovely that other people are enjoying what I do. My art outside of work feels like a really nice balance to the design we do for clients. Our client work can be quite computer and tech focused which opens up so many more possibilities and I get so much from that. And then at home, I also enjoy the other side of the creative coin, working manually on collages and creating something tangible and unique. Doing both keeps me feeling inspired and motivated.

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