We Think You Should Meet: Lisa Irvine

As our Recruitment Marketing team grows, it’s been a pleasure to welcome Lisa Irvine to the fold. Lisa’s work in the print media world means weve overlapped over many years. Now that she’s come on board with ASG, we took the opportunity for a quick chat.

Welcome Lisa!

Our paths have crossed over the years, can you tell us a little about your professional path pre-ASG?

You’re right! Ive known and worked with ASG in some capacity for a few years now. Coming from a print background, I have worked at the Belfast Telegraph, the Newsletter, and the Mirror Group among others. From weekly newspapers to the Yellow Pages, Ive had experience in most print publications in NI over the last 3 decades. Quite the education really!

What stood out for you in your roles within print media?

I did love my previous positions. The people, the ever changing nature of press and the evolutions I saw over the years. The most fascinating was the shift from press being purely print to becoming digital. The last few years have been really exciting in that respect. I always appreciated that newspapers were doing their best to move with the times. I would say though that I really believe in the power of picking up a newspaper and enjoying it. That will never change for me.

It sounds like you were dedicated to print in many ways, what made you decide to move?

Change is great for all of us and after many years soaking up one side of the business, I had developed a brilliant relationship with agencies across Northern Ireland and it piqued my interest in seeing the other side of marketing. Im keen to keep learning, to keep engaged with the market and moving to ASG represented an opportunity to do that.

How have you found the shift from print to client side?

So far, Ive really enjoyed it. Its without a doubt a steep learning curve but the team have been incredible in helping me get up to speed. I really like the experience of learning and being outside of my comfort zone. Its all brain food, figuring out new systems and new processes, I love it!

Outside of work, we hear you have a rather bracing hobby?

I do, and I suppose yes it is bracing! For the last few years Ive been going cold water swimming each week and Ive really fallen for it. My friend and I have our own little swim group, and the benefits weve found for physical and mental well being are remarkable. I completely subscribe to the healing properties of the ocean and just taking the time for some self care each week has been really important for me. Id recommend a dip to anyone. It really does get easier!

Any advice for prospective recruitment marketing peers?

Im not sure its advice so much as my own experience, but taking a risk and making change can be really empowering no matter what stage of your professional career youre at. Its been wonderful for me gaining experiencing in one area but the switch to another has given me motivation and real eagerness to learn.


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