The Power of Poetry

Inspired by Poet’s Day, we decided to turn our attention to the power of poetry. At times overlooked but filtering through our days and lives in ways that cannot be measured. From sonnets to song words, archives of observations that grant insights into other worlds, and emotional edits that transport us into the experiences of others, poetry is part of our every day.

We had the pleasure of chatting to Freya McNeice, poet and student from Queen’s University who gave us a glimpse into her own work, what influences her writing and how she feels poetry can impact every one of us.

We have been fortunate enough to work with Freya who crafted a beautiful poem to run alongside our Young Refugee campaign with HSC NI Adoption and Foster Care. The touching and emotional piece used real accounts from young refugees now living in NI, to bring to light the raw and real upheaval they face when fleeing their countries of origin.

Q. Pen, pencil or computer first? 

A. I prefer using a computer. It’s what I started writing on, and I find it easiest to edit and move words around quickly and see what fits best where. The undo button is definitely my friend when doing the first drafts!


Q. Who/what are your influences? 

A. My mum and dad are two of my biggest influences. Our family has been through some difficult times over the years; their strength and perseverance, and the way they express their love despite trials, are qualities which I attempt to embed within my writing.


Q. What authors do you love right now? 

A. In regard to poetry, I love Sarah Goldney, an author I actually discovered on TikTok during the first lockdown. I think her words are beautiful and vulnerable. In terms of novels, I have recently enjoyed reading Colleen Hoover’s books.


Q. What is the most important role of poets in 2022? 

A. I think being able to connect with people by merely using words is one of the most important things a poet can do in 2022, especially when so much fights for our attention. I think the world of poetry is overlooked within our society, but it is a place where people can feel a sense of belonging as they are able to relate to the feelings of an author. 


Q. Where do you go when you need to recharge? 

A. Personally, my faith is where I go to recharge. The sense of peace I find within my church community helps me recharge and find perspective. 


View Freya’s piece as part of the HSC NI Adoption and Foster Care fostering appeal here. 


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