Meet the Client Team

Valerie Ludlow


Strategic planner. Problem-solver. Organisational skills to be marvelled at. Seasoned deliverer of real campaign results. Accomplishments recognised by IPA, CIM, IDI, and Pani. 
Maxim / ‘Don’t settle for comfortable’

Kirk Moffatt

Director of Creative Services

Design Director. Content Creator. Purveyor of purposeful production. Illustration lover. Award-winning creative thinker. 
Maxim / ‘Challenge yourself everyday’ 

Vicki Caddy

Director of PR

Raconteur. Critical thinker. Reputation guardian. Pressure performer. Information junkie and amasser of news, views, words and pictures. Accredited CIPR member, guest Uni lecturer, PRide award winner.
Maxim / ‘Tell the truth, tell it fast, tell it well’

Emma Murray

Director, Recruitment Marketing 

Gold medal multi-tasker. Account Director. Media Planner and Buyer. Eternal questioner of how to make budgets work harder, how to deliver better results and how to roll out campaigns to the best talent. 
Maxim / ‘I’m on it’ 

Karen Barr

Head of Client Services

Account Director. Pro plate-spinner. Adept at pulling rabbits out of hats. Solution finder. Expert consult on multi sector, client and agency skills. 
Maxim / ‘If I wouldn’t buy it, it needs to be better’

Rory Jeffers

Creative Director

Designer and producer of emotive experiences. Obsessor over insightful, engaging and beautiful visual communications. Artist. Creator. Imaginator of creative solutions.  
Maxim / ‘We all have stories to tell, it’s how we share the knowledge’

Robert Lyle

Head of Media

Expert media strategist, buyer, planner. 30 years of industry mastery under the belt. Believer in the theories of behavioural science. Campaign implementer and results deliverer. Winner of IPA Effectiveness Awards. 
Maxim / ‘Coverage is more important than frequency’ 

Sasha McKnight

Deputy Head of PR

Consumer PR specialist. Event planning ace. Organiser supreme. Astute negotiator and fine tooth comber. CIPR accredited PR practitioner. 
Maxim / ‘Whatever you do, big or small, do it well, or not at all’

Russell Lever

Account Director

PR master. Creative story teller. Strategic thinker. Extensive experience in delivering memorable campaigns with real results. 
Maxim / 'A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all

Stacey Rooney

Account Manager

Organisation and planning extraordinaire. Coordinator of projects, client work and studio planning. Expectation manager. Secret sewing fan.  
Maxim / 'It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice.'

Susannah Hylands

Account Manager

Experienced media buyer and planner. Digital sympathiser. Motivated by challenge and results. Considers that advertising moves too fast to stop learning. Accredited by IPA, CIM, CIPR, Google & Facebook. 
Maxim / ‘Diamonds are made under pressure’

Clare Hiles

PR Account Manager

Excellent storyteller and experienced wordsmith. Social media marvel. Frequently found holding a clipboard at high-profile events. Campaigns recognised by ADDY, CIM and CIPR. 
Maxim / ‘if you want to be interesting, be interested’

Karen Weston

Senior Account Manager

Positive people person. Ball-juggler and innovative problem-solver. Proudly prompt and absolutely the person to go to, to get things done. 
Maxim / ‘It’ll be grand’

Niamh McCusker 

Account Executive, Recruitment

Driven by curiosity. Always learning. Ridiculously meticulous and meticulously ridiculous. Team player who strives to be the best at every turn.
Maxim / ‘Only dead fish go with the flow’

Patricia Cunningham

Senior Designer

Campaign producer extraordinaire. Challenge embracer (although still working on the time machine to really maximise efforts).  Believer in good, fresh, original designs that engage.
  Maxim / ‘Design is so simple. That’s why it’s so complicated’ 

Stephen McCartney


Morning person. Day dreamer. Night Owl. Passionate about creating meaningful visual solutions for deep and lasting impressions.
Maxim / Creative Courage