Simple Tips To Create a Compelling Marketing Video 

You’ve decided you’d like to create a marketing video for your product or service. But where do you start? And how do you create a video answers your marketing goals? 

Here are our starter tips to do just that: 


Get Story Telling 

You want people to want to watch your video and more importantly, to share it, so get inspired. Establish who your target market is and what message you want to send to them and work on your storytelling around that. 

Marketing videos should be sort, relevant, and attention-grabbing. They tell the story of your product with purpose and creativity. Focus on those first few seconds of introduction to really hook your viewers. Make sure the remainder of the video keeps momentum and really delivers on mission and message.

Think Technical

Firstly, make sure your video is formatted for whatever channel you’re going to broadcast it on and it’s optimised for Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These platforms have different recommendations on ratio (widescreen, square, portrait) and length, particularly since most content will be viewed on a mobile or a tablet, so don’t try and put out just one video for all. Make sure you give your video the best chance on where it’s going to be seen and edit it to suit!

Next, put yourself in the shoes of your viewers. How might they find your video? What might they be looking for? Make sure you use those words and phrases within the video and accompanying text as well as optimising it with keywords. 

Finally, include the relevant URL or call to action in the video so that viewers know what to do next and can easily access your product or service.

Solve Problems, Add Value

What is it that your product or service offers its users? What problem does it solve and what can you do to help your customers. Work on putting that message front and centre. If you can offer something extra, something expert, something exclusive, focus on that. 

Integrating interview segments and testimonials from genuine users can, for example, be very compelling. Consumers want to t

rust your brand and offering them real experiences can build that trust. 

You can use animated graphics or explainers to tell consumers about your product and represent processes and statistics in an informative, easy-to-digest and entertaining way.

Educate your viewers, be an industry leader and set the pace for your competitors in doing so.

Don’t forget the brand!

Your video should reflect your brand values and speak with your brand voice. There’s no point doing something that is at odds with how you want to be seen.

Make sure you craft your story in line with your ethos and vision. It should be clear that it comes from your company and is consistent with your other content.

Encourage Action

You need to offer your viewers a ‘next step’, a Call To Action at the end of the video. Whether that is a URL to click, a question they might ask themselves, or a program to get involved with. Consider what fits best with your brand messaging and make sure you include it. Keep it short and clear and reinforce this invitation to act in any accompanying text you use. 

by Kirk Moffatt 

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