Sasha McKnight joins our Board of Directors

We love nothing more than good news and Sasha McKnight’s recent appointment to our Board of Directors is exactly the type of news worth shouting about.

Our Head of PR since January 2021 – and excelling in leading in a period of exceptional growth – Sasha is at the heart of many of our successes both team and client based.  Sasha brings an unparalleled wealth of experience and skill. Her professional journey through ASG right up to Head of PR underlines how possible it is to work up the ranks and take on leadership and seniority along the way. We’re delighted to welcome another female to our Board of Directors. We’re also thrilled to know that Sasha’s appointment represents a significant step in future success, growth and leadership.

Sasha is committed to cultivating a culture and environment that clients and prospective employees want to be part of.  She works tirelessly at improving communications and delivery, at leading her team by example and at encouraging success and drive in all they do. ‘Team’ is important to Sasha, and will remain her focus. As she often tells us, “without a team, it’s just work” and she firmly believes in communicating with her team to figure out exactly what works best. Understanding the flexibility that we all need in order to maintain a work-life balance as well as to deliver to the best of our professional abilities and potential. Sasha prides herself on modelling strong work habits and working closely with her colleagues to put in place the conditions that allow every individual to flourish professionally and enjoy what they’re doing.

Thank you Sasha and congratulations!


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