Power of Video 2019

A highlight of the ASG & Partners AV year, it was a pleasure to attend the Power of Video 2019 Belfast event, organised by Billy and Damien of Speedmotion. 

The Power of Video offers an opportunity to connect with speakers and industry peers as well as getting a feel for the key focus and trends that underlie many of the presentations. It also never hurts to soak up useful nuggets of information that we can apply to our own internal workflows, editing, and production processes.

A few themes cropped up throughout the event:

  • It’s clear that the ever-present push for content production is an “Eat sleep create repeat” game. And key to any success? The dedication to perseverance. Try and try again. Focus on sound as well as image quality and be sure to move with the tech improvements to keep up to date with your peers.
  • An appreciation for the pressures on mental health was very clear. The constant demands for delivering and engagement,  appeasing a fanbase of millions takes its toll. Burnout is a very real concern for those operating in the world of video content and something not to be ignored.
  • It’s all about passion. What is it you’re interested in? What do you believe in? Figure that out then go ahead and get story-telling around that. The fulfillment from building content based on what you like and what you believe reaps rewards. Not only because ‘passion’ content is authentic and speaks to your audience, but also because it pushes you to keep refining your craft and bettering yourself and your content moving forward.

Here’s a snapshot of what we saw….



Kirk Moffatt

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