Our International Podcast Day

The ASG team cherish the podcast as a most favoured of all media so taking the time to celebrate International Podcast Day is no hard thing. Launched in the US in 2014, International Podcast Day started as a way to celebrate the power of podcasts, focusing on showcasing independent podcast talents and raising awareness of this exploding industry. Since its launch, each International Podcast Day hosts hours of live streaming with broadcasters from all around the world, allowing podcasters to come together virtually or in person and to recognise the role this particular audio plays in all of our lives. With podcasts increasing in numbers and listeners by the day, the power of podcasting is only on the rise, bringing us endless options and variety and all on our own schedule, what’s not to love?

To celebrate in our own way, we’ve asked the ASG team to run through their top pick podcasts. Here are just a few of their recommendations, so whether you’re dipping your toe into the podcast waters or whether you’re a podcast pro, read on for some fresh inspiration.

The Diary of a CEO (Steven Bartlett)

“Totally fascinating. Each episode brings a remarkable guest, whether a CEO or leader in their field  and the segments are packed with insightful background into their lives, their motivations and their experiences. Definitely one to learn from and be inspired by.”  — Sasha

The Sinead Says Podcast (Sinead Hegarty)

“A podcast covering love, life and relationships. Host Sinead tackles how our brains work and covers strategies to overcome the negative ways we talk to ourselves. Very down to earth and relatable, it’s perfect for when I want to relax and Sinead really gives valuable advice surrounding mental health.” — Alice

Happy Place (Fearne Cotton)

“With guests covering spiritual, healing, and personal topics, Fearne puts together a podcast full of learning moments, inspiring stories and offers something that few other podcasts do with her own personal journey along the way. Uplifting and fun, Fearne is a brilliant host no matter the subject at hand.” — Ruth

This Paranormal Life (Rory Powers and Kit Grier)

“A comedy podcast which doesn’t take itself too seriously. Each episode breaks down a different paranormal story to find the truth (or not) behind the mystery. Entertaining even if you, like me, don’t believe in the paranormal.” — Fraser

GAA Catfish

“Two comedians share the unbelievable story of being cat-fished, deep diving into every aspect of the experience and opening it up to the public in their live shows. With fake accounts and endless lies all round this is a chaotic and fascinating listen.” — Keeva

The Girls Bathroom (Sophia Tuxford and Cinzia Baylis-Zullo)

“Best friends give out honest advice to listeners on their problems and dilemmas sharing some of their own experience along the way. With relatable advice and a great dynamic between the two hosts, it’s a fun and easy listen.” — Lauren

I WEIGHT (Jamila Jamil)

“Building on her own issues with body images and mental health, Jamila welcomes inspiring guests each week to discuss their progress (not perfection) with their own mental health as well as hosting guests who are experts in the subjects that are at the forefront of news and debate. I find her relatable and honest, the podcast is a great listen and really informative.” — Curtis

Now you’re asking (Marian Keyes and Tara Flynn)

“Hosted by writer and comedian/ actor, the combination makes for a brilliant listen. Each episode the two get together to solve other people’s – often bizarre- problems and the results are inevitably hilarious. Worth a listen especially if you need a mood lift!” — Valerie

The Footballers Football Podcast

“A podcast for real football fans, this one cuts through all the pundit and expert commentary and talks directly to players about big topics, at times hard hitting issues all with a good amount of banter along the way.” — Allan


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