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October 3rd – 9th 2022 marks Active Ageing Week, a week designed to celebrate ageing and the benefits of active and healthy living at any age. The week draws attention to the capabilities of older adults as fully participatory members of society. In addition it spotlights role models that lead the way in this respect. From physical health to mental health, the programme launched in 2003 by the International Council on Active Ageing highlights and celebrates the positivity of ageing.

Move More Live More

We’re delighted to be celebrating Active Ageing Week by working with the Move More Live More programme launched by Age NI and the HSC Public Health Agency here in Northern Ireland.

As with Active Ageing Week, Move More Live More is designed to support healthy and active ageing. Bringing together expert advice, instructional videos and a huge amount of support in order to encourage healthy living in later life.

Path to Wellbeing

As part of the programme, Age NI have put together an instructional booklet which works through each step that could help in staying healthy and active in later life. From updating your eating habits to how to keep your brain sharp and ways in which to make sure your home is safe and secure. The programme outlines everything necessary on the path to wellbeing. Work through Eat Well updates from Jane, Take Notice mindfulness with Frank Liddy, Yoga with Aoife and simple yet effective exercise videos from Lady Mary Peters. Promoting the importance of strength and balance as we age Lady Peters explains that “Movement is life, it is important to keep active…gentle exercises will help you feel good.” 

We’re thrilled to support the Move More Live More programme personally taking on board the goals to connect, be active, keep learning, take notice and give to others as part of our own goals this month.


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