LinkedIn – Not Just for Jobs!

If you’re still in the mindset that LinkedIn is the platform for people looking for a new job, then think again.  It is an incredibly powerful business to business (B2B) social media platform and recent innovations have just boosted its marketing potential even further.

We’ve been using LinkedIn advertising on a regional, national and international scale for years now, for clients in both the public and private sector.

As an advertising platform, its targeting capabilities make it a really powerful tool.  Its higher cost per click than other social platforms can be off-putting to the uninitiated, which is why you really need to enlist the help of an expert to ensure you don’t burn through your budget unnecessarily.

As well as the usual location and age demographic targeting, you can target audiences based on:

  • Job title
  • Seniority – from Administrative Assistant right up to CEO
  • How long they have been in their current job
  • Even employees from certain companies can be targeted

LinkedIn advertising has always been dominated by its job listing capabilities for targeting active job seekers and its InMail advertising for targeting passive candidates who may not be looking for a job until the right offer lands in their inbox.

But it’s not just a recruitment tool.  These targeting tools are also incredibly powerful for those wishing to drive conversions to sign up to a webinar, offer courses and training or a simple B2B product sell or brand awareness campaign. Many of our clients use it as an integral part of their employer brand marketing too, building awareness even when they aren’t actively hiring.

LinkedIn’s suite of advertising options has been expanding and now offers lots of other great opportunities to target business professionals to meet a range of objectives:

Sponsored Content

Promote an article or post from your company page to appear in the LinkedIn feed or create your post according to a specific campaign objective. These are the most native looking type of adverts available – and by this, we mean they don’t look like ads – really effective!

Text Ads

These are small adverts on the right-hand side rail of a LinkedIn feed. Creative for these needs to be super-sharp and ultra-simple to be noticed.

Video Ads

Like any other social media platform, video content is consumed a lot more than static posts.  If you have the budget, give it a go, and always test between static versus video to check you’re getting it right.


In June, LinkedIn announced more innovation with its retargeting capabilities – meaning advertisers can now create and target ads specifically to users who watched 25, 50, 75 or 100% of their video ads. They can also target ads at users who opened or submitted a Lead Gen Form. These retargeting capabilities are essential for businesses for creating conversions: this might be signing someone up for a webinar, applying for a job or even just finding out more about a B2B business opportunity.

So LinkedIn is not just for jobseekers or job promoters – it’s a fantastic social media platform for B2B marketing, network building and lead generation and its advertising opportunities are getting ever more sophisticated and effective.

If you would like to find out more about using LinkedIn for your B2B marketing – or for strategic recruitment – contact for more information.

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