IPA Unlocked, Unlocking Experience

November marks International Education Month whose theme this year is ‘Changing Course, Transforming Education’. Organised by the UN, and the Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), it aims to showcase the essential transformations that are necessary to realise the potential of young people as well as their right to education and the hope to build a more sustainable and inclusive future.

The Right to Education

Originally enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Right to Education continues to hit roadblocks around gender inequality, lack of teachers, lack of funding, and lack of geographic access. Aiming to generate debate around education as a public endeavour and common good, the IPA Unlocked initiative is the perfect overlap.

IPA Unlocked

IPA Unlocked was set up to be an industry wide open day, taking place this year on November 9th. It aims to bring together the advertising industry to provide an educational opportunity for young people who may or may not have considered a career in advertising. Recognising that many young people may not have access to free professional advice and experience, the IPA is working with agencies around the UK to join forces to provide just that.

ASG & Partners are thrilled to be participating in the IPA Initiative as the only agency in Northern Ireland. We will offer the opportunity for a group of students to experience a real creative brief and to pitch ideas to our agency staff. Our team is looking forward to welcoming between 10 – 15 students from Regent House Grammar School. Some of the students may have an interest in marketing. Others may have a focus of Maths or IT, tying into the increased focus on data in the marketing industry. Representatives from each of our disciplines will work with the students to cover aspects of the brief, fleshing out how to approach a project and giving them experienced advice as well as the opportunity to come up with their own ideas and strategies.

The idea of IPA Unlocked is of dual benefit. It’s focus is to offer experience and advice to young people while at the same time giving agencies access to a pool of future talent. The employment market is a challenging place for the advertising industry, who like many others are experiencing a drop in recruitment and retention. With that in mind any path to create and grow positive relationships between potential talent and agencies is to be welcomed.

“Advertising Unlocked is an amazing opportunity for agencies to connect with a diverse range of talent across the UK. This year alone we’ve had more than 100 schools participate which provides a fantastic platform for the next generation to join our industry.”

Nigel Vaz, IPA President and the CEO of Publicis Sapient

We so look forward to welcoming these young students into our team. Giving them the chance to experience a variety of roles and disciplines and hopefully igniting in them a fire and enthusiasm for an industry that we truly believe in.


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