Instagram Scheduling: It’s Happening

Huzzah! What every social media manager has been waiting for, Instagram has (finally!) revealed that through the Facebook Creator Studio app, native scheduling to Instagram feed and IGTV will soon be possible.

You may be familiar with the endless research and trialing of third party scheduling tools up until this point, from Planoly to Sprout Social, and many in between. Each brought something to the scheduling table but none seemed to tick all the boxes. Plus the cost component at the very least made return on investment a challenge. But those days are soon to be behind us. Wave farewell to multiple logins and expensive monthly overheads before you’ve even established a campaign budget. Instead, we’ll soon be able to schedule for Facebook and Instagram through the Creator Studio app. With no charge! And even better, see more data and insights all in the one place. I’m sold.

What this means for the third-party services we’ve all been relying on remains to be seen. Hopefully, they will quickly be able to pivot their services or offer the ability to schedule Instagram stories (not included in the Creator Studio App update). We’ll have to wait and see.

In the interim, let’s be delighted about the change. Instagram is moving at pace. Stepping into the Facebook shaped breach after their recent fall from grace, and it’s exciting to watch. Instagram’s test on the removal of the ‘like’ option, their aim to support horizontal videos and to present the option to clear history, shows that they are keen to continue to optimise the platform for users, business or not. Consider us on board.

Laura Tweed

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