Happy ASG Birthday To Chris!

We welcomed our PR Account Director Chris Love to the ASG & Partners team one year ago, oh hasn’t time flown! We took a few minutes to grill Chris on some of his year one highlights, and it looks like we should certainly be celebrating his anniversary with cake 🧁.

Most rewarding moment of the past 12 months?

There is no way I could identify only one moment! But there is one feeling I think sums it up and that would be knowing that I’ve made a difference. Delivering work that I’m proud of. Clients, for me, are not just logos on a page. Instead, producing work that gives me a sense of achievement while also answering each client’s needs is what I most enjoy. When I receive emails from clients thanking me for the work I’ve done, it makes everything worthwhile.

Most unforgettable moment?

Where to start?! The year has been packed with highlights, from getting away on holiday for the first time in a decade without taking my laptop (I know!) to rowing the River Lagan with my work buddies.  I love working with our team and find it so satisfying to create campaigns that truly get people talking. Those moments are definitely unforgettable. I’ve loved delivering brand experiences and capturing authentic content like free porridge week at Slim’s Healthy Kitchen or student exam results activation at Nando’s. Oh and not to forget #MyMarksFaves for Marks & Spencer, that was a good one…

What are you excited for next?

Cake. Always cake. Don’t judge me!  I make it my mission to makes sure there is cake in the office for every birthday, anniversary, regular Tuesday, whatever the reason, cake. 

On a healthier note, I love the fact that my job allows me to be really creative, I have access to opportunities and experiences that my friends can only dream of in their jobs. Knowing that I suppose I‘m excited to see what is coming next, what exciting project or campaign we might be working on. 

How much have you spent in the ASG tuck shop?

This feels pointed, are you asking everyone in the team this?! In truth, I’d have to say I’m spending way too much. BUT in my defence, all the monies raised go to a local charity so eating the chocolate is basically guilt (and calorie!) free. Almost…

Chris Love

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