Get to know your customers every day

‘Get To Know Your Customers Day’ means something different depending on the business or industry but for us here at ASG & Partners, we like to approach each day with getting to know our customers (and their customers) at the heart of all that we do.

Expectation setting

When we’re working with our clients, we understand what they expect from us. They are looking to us to bring a combination of industry knowledge, media strategy, creativity and customer insights. All wrapped up with a delivery of results and performance indicators. Each component is vital, all while delivering on a budget, and optimising our time and energy.

Adding value to this by offering our clients an in-depth level of customer insights is something we prioritise during each tender and throughout the delivery of every project. In doing so, we help our clients to out-perform their expectations using the insights we gather as the foundations for growth.

So how do we get to know our customers?

Our teams use a combination of research tools and approaches. We work with established sources in traditional media (radio, TV, cinema), gathering quantitative and qualitative research and combining this with our own market research to create a fuller picture of our clients’ target customers.

Using TGI Customer Data, we unlock media consumption, product usage, attitudes, beliefs and other consumer behaviours allowing us to deepen our understanding of the our customer personas. In this way, we can understand more fully which target audiences are likely to interact with our product or service.

We make it our business to understand the competition. No business operates in a vacuum and researching competitors to understand how they engage with their clients provides insightful intel to inform any campaign.

Our focus is on the ‘why’ and not just the ‘who’. Once we’ve figured out the customers in our target groups, we dig deeper. We try to understand why they engage with the products they chose, what helps them decide, why they might stop using a product or service, how they interact on social media, and what we can learn from their motivations.

We make the most of the Google Tools on offer.  From Analytics to Trends and Keywords, the volume of information is vast and helps us to form a complete picture of where our customer groups live on-line, how they navigate the product market and how we can engage with them.

Piecing each of these components together allows us to offer our clients a comprehensive idea of each relevant customer group. From there we can target campaigns, optimise budgets and deliver results in a way that would otherwise be impossible.

So, on Get To Know Your Customers Day, we plan to just carry on getting to know our customers, and their customers. We know that our success in doing so is shown in the results of each and every project we work on.


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