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The Family Support NI (FSNI) site was established with a mission to provide access to comprehensive and up to date family support information. Resources include family support hubs, relationship counselling, family mediation, and services for disability, autism, domestic and sexual violence and young carers. The site also includes detailed registered child care information for all audiences.

Family Support NIOur team have been happy to partner with the FSNI. Our brief has been to roll out an informational campaign sharing and raising awareness of the resources and support available. The Family Support Directory is unique in Northern Ireland, created to replace paper copies of available services to keep information up to date and accessible across all demographics.

With campaigns rolling out over radio, digital and social media, the overarching mission is the promotion of available government assistance in childcare costs and the available benefits of registered childcare. Campaign efforts centre around increasing the uptake of financial assistance for childcare by directing working parents towards the FSNI website. Targeting broad audience groups, it is hoped that the campaign reaches a large cross section of the population in order that relevant individuals can access available entitlements particularly during this period of increased financial pressures.  

The campaign is live as of November 21st and will run until March 2023.


Family Services NI


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