End of the EU? Just a stupid opinion…

Could this be the End of the EU?

“Writing things down can be good for the soul” someone once said to me and this attempt at some sort of personal redemption is almost therapeutic.

I am totally fed up with listening to what Brexit will mean for us if we leave. I voted Remain, but, like many, I lost. So in a democratic society, I should bow to the will of the people. Fine. So let’s do it. This eternal pontification is such a waste of time. Had I been David Cameron, first, I would have stayed to see it through, and second, my first call, or maybe Tweet (!), to the EU would have been something like:-

Hello, Good to talk to you Jean-Claude old boy. Hope the family’s well and you’ve had a good week. Better than mine I expect – but then that’s life.

You’ve probably seen the result of the referendum and unfortunately, we will be leaving. I need to trigger Article 50 now, so when you get the chance, let me know what you guys want to do about the borders, tariffs, and all the other bits and bobs. As you know Article 50 is a bit vague anyway.

The UK will continue as normal. We will always welcome you as our friends and we will continue to trade with all the businesses and companies that want to trade with us.

Happy to continue as is, in trading terms, but can’t have the sovereignty of the EU Parliament anymore, so let me know what you want to do and we’ll take it from there – especially the Irish border, as we’re quite happy as it is.

Anyway, look after yourself, give my love to Angela and I look forward to hearing from you. Bye.”

But as I said that’s probably very stupid, as no doubt we need to kowtow to Europe for some reason I don’t understand.

Frankly, my view is this will be the end of the EU. Once the UK goes I believe Germany will go as well – not that long after. When the UK as the second most powerful economy in Europe leaves, I believe that Germany will say, ‘we must be mad if we think we’re going to prop up the rest of Europe’. Look at what the German banks have already announced! Look at the state of France, the constant constitutional crises in Spain, the economies of Italy and Greece, plus anything else we don’t know about. Germany would be better doing deals with Russia on energy and raw materials and leaving the rest of Europe to get on with it. Hence, I believe, if the second most powerful economy in Europe leaves and then it’s followed by the first most powerful economy, the EU will disintegrate.

I haven’t heard one enthusiastic proposal from the EU to either tempt us to stay or to try and make our leaving work. They seem to want to put the boot in. So-be-it.

High stakes? But then, what would I know?

Colin Anderson

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