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Whether you dip into industry blogs to keep informed on the latest news and issues, or perhaps you use them as a form of learning and CPD, knowing your blog-dos from your blog-don’ts is vital.  After GDPR, we’ve all weeded out a lot of spam, but it’s worth giving some of these a bit of inbox airtime. Here’s a few of our top Marketing Blogs to save you some time sorting through the chaff. You’re welcome.


For a great Social Media Marketing focus, the Hootsuite Blog should be your reliable first stop. Covering all things social media strategy, productivity, resources, skills, news, and tech, this one is a guaranteed win and you can look forward to listicles in abundance. My favourite.


A heavy hitter (think 4.5 million monthly users) somehow Hubspot manage to keep a handle on a beast of a blog and still provide valuable, dedicated, super accessible content. There is almost nothing you can’t find here when it comes to marketing, sales, and customer success content so it’s well worth a peruse if you are looking for inspiration.

Sprout Blog

The beauty of the Sprout Blog is that it’s designed for all levels of reader, individuals, small companies or large agencies. There is content and learning for all. With a focus on social media management, it is worth checking in regularly to stay up to date on platform updates, workarounds and ways to optimise your content.

The Content Strategist

Self coined ‘industry’s smartest content company’ The Content Strategist sets about fusing art with science, integrating technology, talent and strategy into one unified approach for content mastery. A modest mission! I tune in because the blogs covers all content, from technical to trend based, market focused to water cooler chat. It’s the perfect blend.

ASG & Partners

Yes, I know it’s our own site but don’t be surprised that we’ve put ourselves in the short list! The fact is that we have spot-on content, industry-leading, community-building, client-boosting content. Where else can you access Robert Lyle’s media insights and my regular rants on influencer marketing? Worth a bookmark and regular check in (thanks!).


Quite SEO focused and very on top of trends and user expectations, it’s my first read when brushing up on ways to produce the most engaging content possible. The subject matter is broad but I find I can take tips for almost anything I’m working on. 

Social Media Today

Like it says in the name, it’s all social media based but it’s a good’un. With a focus on what’s new in social media, it’s a good place to start when you’re working on a new campaign and want to check your strategy is the best it can be. Set up the alerts and get the info in your inbox for ease.

Convince & Convert

An absolute favourite content marketing hub. With short posts and cleverly direct and pithy copy, it’s a site that continually promotes innovation and strategic thinking to advance digital marketing tactics.

Some OG favourites from my early days of studying Digital Marketing and which I still refer to now, are Dave Chaffey’s Smart Insights and the Social Media Examiner (the cute little guy in safari gear with the magnifying glass – not weird, honestly). I also love dipping into  Content Marketing Institute which is great for infographics and stats (US based).

In the PR team, we love the CIPR’s industry blog Influence. And we can’t forget the advertising team who love a bit of industry intel from Foresight Factory, The Drum, Campaign and Marketing Week (the home of Ritson) for all the latest news on the big national advertising, media and creative campaigns.

So, there you have it. If you’re serious about the marketing industry, it’s so fast-moving and ever-evolving so these are all worth signing up to and dipping into once-in-a-coffee-break. Enjoy!

PS – this is not an exhaustive list so if there are others you’d like to recommend, go ahead and tag them in the comments on our social posts.

Vicki Caddy

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