Team Talk: National Book Lovers Day

On National Book Lovers Day, we’re calling time out from our screens today setting down the screens and taking a moment to appreciate the awe-inspiring power of books. Whether it’s...

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We think you should meet: Ruth McCullagh

Any team is the sum of its parts and we’re proud of each member of our ASG & Partners team for so many reasons. From creativity to tenacity, compassion to...

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What Pride month really means

Celebrate Pride The celebration of Pride in cities around the world has become something most of us are familiar with and consider ourselves largely informed about. But what do we...

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Get to know your customers every day

‘Get To Know Your Customers Day’ means something different depending on the business or industry but for us here at ASG & Partners, we like to approach each day with...

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Peace and Love

The story behind International Peace & Love Day is a sweet one. When Beatles dummer Ringo start was asked by a journalist what he’d like most on his birthday (July...

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Keeva Rooney: A year in review

As we move forward from the last two years of the pandemic and lockdown and the resulting challenges and changes in industry, we have been fortunate to have a placement...

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