We Think You Should Meet: Lisa Irvine

As our Recruitment Marketing team grows, it’s been a pleasure to welcome Lisa Irvine to the fold. Lisa’s work in the print media world means we’ve overlapped over many years....

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National Sebastian Day

We love nothing more than getting to know our team and what could be better than celebrating them on their own National Day? This National Sebastian Day we chatted to...

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Why better business communications matter

January’s Better Business Communications Day aims to celebrate the efforts of those who communicate effectively. Whether that’s internal or external, every morsel of comms count when it comes to productive...

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Social media as a customer service priority

We dig into the nature of social media as an integral and essential component of modern customer service for any growing brand.

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The Value of Radio Advertising

While broadcast radio has existed in the UK since 1922, the first radio advertisement in the UK wasn’t until 1973 and welcomed a Lindus advert for Bird’s Eye Fish Fingers...

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Digital Trends To Watch

Industry Notes from our Digital Account Manager Sean McCrudden When it comes to trends, there are a few headliners that are informing our digital strategies this quarter. From streaming to...

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Reduce your energy bills

As we move through the colder the winter months, energy bills and the cost of living is at the forefront of many of our minds.  The Consumer Council walks us...

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The Real World Cup Winners

Every four years since 1930 the Football World Cup comes rolling around. Gaining momentum with every tournament, it’s recognised as the single most watched sporting competition in the world. Not...

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PANI Awards

Our team were delighted to be shortlisted for several of this year’s PANI Awards.  In its 100th year, the PANI Awards remain a high point in the calendar. It was...

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Family Support NI

The Family Support NI (FSNI) site was established with a mission to provide access to comprehensive and up to date family support information. Resources include family support hubs, relationship counselling,...

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