UK Advertising Expert to Make Belfast Debut

Richard Shotton In Belfast

Behavioural scientist, Richard Shotton, is to make his first appearance in Belfast in January. Our team at ASG looks forward to welcoming one of the most sought-after advertising and marketing experts of our time.

This best-selling author and media guru will be our guest for “The Choice Factory: An Audience with Richard Shotton”. Mark your dairies for 17th January at Riddel Hall, Belfast.


Richard has an 18 year career in advertising, initially working on campaigns including Coke, Lexus and Later, he began specialising in applying behavioural science to business problems. Currently he is head of Behavioural Science at the top media agency in Europe, Manning Gottlieb. Notably, Manning is the agency most awarded for its advertising effectiveness by advertising agency industry body, the IPA.

Fundamentals of Behavioural Science

Head of Media at ASG & Partners, Robert Lyle explained why behavioural science is such an important tool for advertising and marketing strategy. “This event is for anyone with an interest in advertising and marketing. Likewise just plain interested in how our brains work.  In short, behavioural science is a study of what makes human beings tick”.

“If we can get to the bottom of how we make decisions. How attitudes influence our actions. How to encourage behaviour change. We can be much more effective in our marketing. Therefore expecting a higher return on investment.  We estimate that these behavioural insights can add another 20% to the impact of your campaign.  Moreover, with around £170 million being invested in advertising in Northern Ireland annually, this could equate to an additional £34 million of value to these campaigns.”

“Richard is a highly respected expert in applying behavioural science to advertising.  He has appeared at the Festival of Marketing, Ad Week and even Cannes. Therefore we are very honoured to be hosting his first ever appearance in Northern Ireland.  Richard’s book The Choice Factory was one of the top-selling marketing books on Amazon in the last year. He writes a regular column in Marketing Week on the behavioural science experiments he runs and how the principles can be applied in any real-world situation.  Certainly, this is a great opportunity for our audience to hear from one of the marketing gurus of our time.”

Join Us

Tickets for An Audience with Richard Shotton: the Choice Factory are available on Eventbrite now. The ticket price is £85 inc VAT and fees.

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