We think you should meet: Alice Byrne

We’ve been working on expanding our team this year. Across all departments we’ve been recruiting and promoting, continuing with our mission to build the most innovative and effective ASG family. One of our newest members is Junior PR Account Executive Alice Byrne. We sat down with Alice to find out a little more about her path pre-ASG and what she’s looking forward to in her new role.

Welcome to ASG Alice!

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks since you started in the office. Now that we’ve found a moment to catch up, what have your first impressions been?

It has been super busy! I’ve honestly loved the first few weeks of being here especially since there has been so much happening. From the VaVa Awards to the Down Royal Races, there hasn’t been a second and actually I think that’s the best way to start things. Just hit the ground running and learn as much as you can along the way.

What was your path before joining the ASG team?

I graduated from my degree course in July of this year.  I was completing my Communication, Advertising and Marketing degree from Ulster University and as part of that I took on a placement in my third year at a local communications agency which really ignited my interest in PR. I was mainly working with corporate clients which is fascinating but I realised I was keen to get more involved in the consumer side of PR and so far with ASG I’ve been thrilled to get more experience in that area.

Right after the last term of uni I went on the most incredible trip, travelling in a camper van around the USA. It was such a brilliant way to see the country and find some time to think about my future plans. Coming back from that, Sasha (Head of PR) approached me after seeing a LinkedIn post I had made and it felt like things happened in a really nice way. I was lucky enough not to be in an intense job search and instead, chatting to Sasha and the team before formally interviewing for the position made me feel far more at ease.

Your trip sounds incredible, any highlights?

It was amazing! We saw so much. Landing in Colorado and leaving from San Francisco, we stopped in Rocky Mountain National Park, Yellow Stone National Park, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, LA, Yosemite, Zion National Park, Santa Barbara, Malibu and others. I can’t think of the full list there were so many! It was just a different world every day, from spotting bears to bison, figuring out our routes and campsites, I loved it all and would so recommend it to anyone who likes taking on an adventure.

What qualities have you found to be important so far in your new position?

Organisation and learning how to be flexible when it comes to priorities. I noticed that right away. I’m a super organised person, love a list, love a routine and while that’s essential in the position, I’m finding it’s equally as important to respond to situations as they change, and to adjust my planning accordingly.

Anything you’re particularly looking forward to? 

At the moment I’m enjoying soaking everything up. I love being able to shadow my team, see the best ways to handle client meetings and photo calls, find out everything that is involved in each project and just generally to learn as much as I can. I’m a question asker and really appreciate gathering as much information as possible so that I can tackle whatever comes up next. I’m definitely looking forward to being part of more client meetings, to getting out and about with the team and to working on more of the consumer events as they happen.

Thank you Alice!


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