A Moment’s Pause – Northern Ireland’s creative freelancers inspire outdoor exhibition

ASG & Partners is proud to be involved in launching an innovative outdoor exhibition showcasing the work of Northern Ireland’s freelance creatives called A Moment’s Pause.

A Moment’s Pause presents photography and creative content designed to inspire a moment’s escape from the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.  It is being promoted via unused advertising space across Northern Ireland, with the support of media owners and outdoor advertising suppliers.

ASG & Partners’ Creative Director and curator of A Moment’s Pause, Ryan Young said, “We hope this exhibition and the images convey a sense of escape, a moment to pause and daydream, to look at something with thoughtful consideration. Whether it’s a beautiful outdoor landscape with reflections on a mirror-still lake, or an intriguing shot of a colourful sequinned dress floating in the wind, all the images invite the viewer to lose themselves briefly.

“We wanted to give people a visual cue to let their mind ponder something else which they might not have done recently.  Hopefully it will create a talking point, a chance for people to take time out to reflect and to dream of the beautiful places and colourful things that represent normality.

“Lockdown has been hard – and for many will continue to be a mental struggle.  As our way of life has evolved over recent weeks, people have discovered the benefits of just slowing down and observing the little things around them they may not have noticed before.  That’s what we’re trying to do with this campaign: sharing beautiful things, everyday human interactions and special places to take a moment’s pause over.

“Whether you’re on the bus returning to work feeling a little fearful, bracing yourself to queue outside the supermarket again, or taking your daily exercise outdoors, these images should offer a little escape in passing.”

ASG & Partners has joined forces with some of Northern Ireland’s biggest media and billboard and adshel suppliers to use unallocated outdoor advertising space.

ASG & Partners’ CEO, Valerie Ludlow said, “This is a partnership across the advertising and creative industry here: we quickly recognised that freelance photographers, videographers and copywriters have been severely affected by this crisis; advertising bookings have been impacted as people remain at home.  We thought this would be a great way to make use of the unused space and give something back to our friends and partners across the creative industry, whilst offering a moment of escape and inspiration to anyone who sees the campaign.  Hopefully it will create something of a movement which people will get behind to share their own #amomentspause on social media.

“We’re very grateful to the media suppliers who have supported this and provided the space. With their help, our ambition is to turn Northern Ireland into the UK’s largest open-air gallery, proudly produced by ASG & Partners.”

For more information on the campaign go to: www.amomentspause.com or check out Instagram @amomentspause and #amomentspause

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