14 Weeks of Lockdown

Fourteen weeks without the usual distractions of friends, extended family, trips to the shops, sports and going out. So what have we been doing to keep ourselves occupied whilst stuck indoors?

Well the folks at ASG haven’t been idle during lockdown – we asked the team and found that some of us have used our time to learn a new skill, while others have rediscovered some old hobbies.

Like so many, we’ve tried our hands at baking – banana bread and sourdough proving popular choices (see what I did there… proving 😊). Knitting too has seen a resurgence – cushions, cardigans, scarves and hats – you name it, we can knit it.

We’ve joined family and friends for the weekly online pub quiz or bingo and some have dug deep into cupboards to dust off their much-loved jig-saw and board game collections.

The green-fingered of us have taken full advantage of the glorious weather we’ve had during lockdown to tend to our gardens, patios and balconies, while others have donned their overalls and taken to some serious DIY including under stair conversions, kitchen tiling, floor sanding and painting.

Some of us have been much more energetic taking up running, yoga, sea swimming and paddle-boarding. Like millions across the country, we’ve joined in with Joe Wicks’ daily PE sessions… I tried it once – never again!

Many of us have simply given in to the temptations of the fridge, eating and drinking our way through lockdown. Crash dieting could be on the cards (no names!) before the office reopens.

On a more serious note, we have also used our time to focus on professional development, topping up on skills and accumulating over 100 training hours. This has enabled us to bring a whole new set of products and services to our clients.

So all this begs the question, has the novelty of working from home well and truly worn off and are we all desperate to get back to the office full-time… perhaps a subject for our next team survey (watch this space).





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