Phoenix Natural Gas

Phoenix Natural Gas is a great form of energy and is very versatile, with a wide range of benefits to domestic users, more than any other fuel. 

Our latest campaign was created to showcase these benefits, within a completely new creative look and feel. We created two core characters, Jim and Jean, to embody typical natural gas users and an illustrative style in the vein of Gary Larson, achieved in–house. Our characters were then seen in a variety of scenarios, sometimes with a supporting cast, each one showing one of the benefits of natural gas, from never running out, to constant hot water and instant heat. Humour plays a strong part in the creative, and is a memorable way of conveying the messages.

This campaign has been rolled out extensively over outdoor, press, direct mail and digital platforms and won Best Multi Format Campaign at the PANI Awards 2014. Most recently, we’ve fully wrapped a Christmas special bus with LED lighting enhancements.