Leukaemia and Lymphoma NI

ASG PR worked with local charity Leukaemia and Lymphoma NI to develop their 2016 awareness campaign, ‘I’m Still’. The charity funds critical blood cancer research, which saves lives of those facing blood cancer here, and around the world. ASG were tasked with highlighting the importance of this research, and developed the ‘I’m Still’ campaign to tell the poignant stories of seven survivors, who were living life to the full after blood cancer.

Due to the charity’s limited budget, the campaign was developed for social media, relying heavily on carefully crafted content to engage followers. ASG worked with key regional media as related to each story, ensuring that a wider demographic was reached, and subsequently secured substantial coverage across Northern Ireland throughout a five–month period. This was supported by a limited outdoor campaign only during Blood Cancer Awareness Month.

The ‘I’m Still’ campaign culminated with an event on Belfast’s annual Culture Night, which saw each survivor unveil their life–size portrait live in city centre, and attract attention from an audience of thousands of Culture Night visitors.