Creative Centenaries

The next 8 years will see the centenaries of many important historical events which impacted upon life on the island of Ireland, across Europe and around the world.The decade 1912–1922 included milestone events like the Signing of the Ulster Covenant, the First World War, the Easter Rising, Battle of the Somme, Rise of the Labour Movement, Universal Suffrage, the War of Independence and the founding of two new States. The Nerve Centre’s Creative Centenaries project will explore and illuminate some of these significant events by looking at creative ways of commemoration across communities.

ASG was commissioned to design the over arching brand that would be used to bring each strand of work together under a single umbrella. To date work has include the production of events materials, an Interactive PDF in partnership with University of Ulster and a special cover wrap for a series of graphic novels commissioned with Uproar Comics.