Pitch and proof

Following the launch of the society-enhancing bike share programme in landmark cities including London, Paris, New York, and Dublin, the team at ASG partnered with Belfast City Council to pull together
a highly integrated PR and Marketing campaign. With principal goals to positively educate the community, encourage stakeholder buy-in and public participation, the campaign achieved landmark results.


The project scope included the overall launch of the Belfast Bikes initiative through educating the community, collaborating with relevant stakeholders, and encouraging public participation in the scheme. The team at ASG commenced information gathering via best practice from corresponding bike-share schemes (including those in Paris, London, New York, and Dublin) as well as complementary desk research.


Crafting a broad-reach integrated campaign which dovetailed brand development, outdoor media strategy, teaser campaigns, website and app functionality, information, PR and social media. Crucial to the value of the initiative was our goal to put in place independent post-campaign tracking in order to evaluate the response to and effectiveness of the project.


With campaign delivery of over 7,200 registered users of Belfast Bikes in the first week of use, outperforming original targets by 50% and proving more successful than similar launches in London or Glasgow. Further to bike users, the integrated campaign delivered 16 pieces of TV and radio coverage pre-launch, 72 pieces of editorial photo coverage, and a notable spike in web traffic.