Why Recruitment Needs Social Media

Why Recruitment Needs Social Media

You would automatically assume that it’s part and parcel of modern recruitment efforts but surprisingly a massive 60% of recruiters don’t make use of social media channels in their recruitment process (Jobvite 2015 Social Recruitment Survey). 

But why would we leave huge categories of prospective talent off the table? As far as we’re concerned, ignore the power of social media at your peril and here are just a few reasons why: 

Thinning out the crowd / You are targeting talent. Talent to fit a specific role, the direct criteria, and the detailed job specs. That means that not all should apply. Facebook, in particular, is wonderfully set up to specifically target your candidates for you. Forget broad brush, if you’re looking for specific skill sets and specialised people, targeted posting will yield far more beneficial results for you than other posting mediums. 

Timing is everything/ There is no quicker or more responsive outlet than social media. From one moment to the next, you can pitch your campaign with as much or as little urgency as is required, responding to demand, to changes in perception and industry, and switching up your posting accordingly. No traditional recruitment methods have quite the same flexibility to ensure your message gets to the right audience, at the right time. 

Getting in front of the watchers / Always present, passively watching what’s happening online, these individuals might be infrequent to engage but at least via social platforms, you have a means to reach them. Spark their interest and be at the forefront of their considerations in a way that would otherwise be impossible. 

Showcase your company culture/ There’s more to your brand than a job posting and social platforms provide huge scope to showcase the life and soul of your company culture. From team building to working–environment, peer review and general atmosphere, you have the opportunity to profile what is extra, what is added value about your organisation, and why candidates should be applying to work with you. 

Be budget savvy / Get more bang for your buck by targeting and reassessing your recruitment campaign via social platforms. With defined time frames, specifically identified audiences and trackable statistics, these mediums help you better understand the success of a campaign, and provide far more control over your budget than ever before. 

Post by Emma Murray