How to Grow Your Brand on Social Media

How to Grow Your Brand on Social Media

The list can be long but here’s a quick rundown of our absolute essentials when boosting your brand profile on social media. 


Social media is all about engagement, the more you interact the better. So, start talking, start conversations, post something relevant to your audience to encourage their comment, their feedback and then respond, get involved. Your brand is live, your audience are real, make sure they know that you are there, listening, engaging, caring about what they have to say. There is no better way to interact with customers, in real–time, with real feedback, generating really positive results. 


Before you start posting, do a bit of research. Really drill down into who your audience is and what their habits are. Find out when they’re online, why they’re interested in your product, and when is the best time to try and engage with them. You won’t generate much interaction if your audience is offline at the time when you post, so knowing who you’re talking to, and finding a way to get your content in front of them at the right time is vital. 


Don’t think of social media as a sales tool.  Think of it as a relationship builder; a get–to–know–you; a sharing of common ground. It’s not the place for a sales pitch. Use affiliations and influencers to do this on your behalf: it’s far more believable and trusted when someone else says your product is great than you simply saying it yourself, right? Aim to have 75% of your social posting weighted towards unique, shareable, evergreen content. Doing so will position your brand to encourage more long–term engagement from your audience, and as a result, more response on your sales posts when you do decide to publish them.  


It’s called social media, because it’s about sharing, creating a community, extending your network.  Nobody likes the guy who just talks about himself all the time. So don’t just post, comment on others’ content too; share it, like it and get involved in other people’s conversations (where relevant of course!).  Partner up with complimentary brands or with industry influencers to cross–pollinate your audiences and reap the benefit of dual–brand boosting. With industry influencers arguably holding more sway than traditional press, it’s worth identifying who holds the cards in your brand area and establishing a relationship that can benefit both of you. 


It’s all about the images, the videos, the creative content. Text is key but don’t rest on your language laurels, it’s important to generate your own creative and use it horizontally across all social platforms. Instagram and Pinterest are wholly visual while Facebook and Twitter rely on both text and image so plan accordingly. Make sure you allocate the correct visuals and content to the correct platforms while keeping all messages on brand. 


Keep your online and web presence fresh – those Google search bots love fresh content and in return, they’ll help people to find you rather than your rivals! Keep copy and visuals up to date on your brand website, regularly generate unique, shareable blog content hosted on your own site and drive all your social media links back to the website or blog’s homepage.  Always keep in mind the keywords people are likely to type into a search box in order for them to find your site.  Use these appropriately in your web copy, your blogs and your social content and they will all act as helpful SEO brownie points to help the bots to bring searchers to your site. Win–win. 

Post by Clare Hiles