Farewell, Annie

Farewell, Annie

As we wave goodbye to our patient, enthusiastic and downright impressive PR intern Annie, we wanted to give her a platform to share her thoughts on her year with ASG. Ladies and gentlemen, tissues at the ready, it’s over to Annie…  

Last year, I joined ASG & Partners as a placement student to shadow and assist the advertising and PR agency over a year–long period. Thus began my jam–packed year! Before my time with ASG, my knowledge of the industry was majorly theoretical. My placement gave me the chance to put what I had learnt during my course into action.

Straight off the bat I was thrown into working on a huge PR campaign for the Belfast International Arts Festival. As Belfast’s largest and most well–known arts festival, there was a lot of responsibility involved! It was fast moving, demanding and had non–stop deadlines rolling in.  I was guided along the way by Vicki, ASG’s Director of PR, who was the lead on the project and I learnt so many practical skills which will be invaluable to my future career – mainly to keep calm no matter how weird or wonderful the request (the first of these was: “Can you get me a snorkel and mask, we’re taking a PR photo of the Lord Mayor under water”!)

Although agency life can at times be daunting, the best advice I could give a student in my shoes is to get stuck in and try to help anywhere you can. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask questions – these guys are so good at what they do, they take it for granted when they work their magic. Agency life means there is never a dull moment. Each campaign and client is completely different.  I’ve had the privilege of working with several of ASG’s high profile clients, from helping organise a corporate event for 600 guests with comedian Ed Byrne, to drafting press releases and talking to the media right across Northern Ireland, and even starring in a TV ad – like I said, never a dull moment!

ASG & Partners has proven to be a fantastic agency for students like me to gain long–lasting experience. The agency’s first class reputation is well–known in marketing circles here, and who better to learn from than some of the best and hardest working people in the business? The impressive stamina which ASG works with is evident through the calibre of its campaigns and the results it delivers for its clients.  It has been the perfect place for me to gain the most amazing experience to inspire the final stage of my studies and to start planning my future career.  Thanks team ASG – I’ll miss you all.

[Please note that we didn’t bribe or influence Annie for this blush–enducing review – but we have spent a year feeding her cake on a near–daily basis…]

Post by ASG PR